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Karte - Euskirchen

Landrat Günter Rosenk

Dear Internet visitor,

as the district president of the district of Euskirchen, I would like to welcome you to the newly redesigned Internet pages of the district. The new presentation offers you extensive information about the district of Euskirchen and the services of the district administration in a barrier-free form. As a modern, customer-oriented service company, the district administration is a competent, reliable, and flexible contact partner for the concerns of citizens as well as for companies in the district of Euskirchen.

The most popular services of the district administration are listed in the citizen service section. Office hours, contact data, and appropriate forms can be called up there.

In the remaining sections, you can find information about the organs of the district (district president, district council, and its committees) as well as basic data and current information about the district of Euskirchen. For example, you will find facts about the district of Euskirchen as an economic site and the multifaceted tourist opportunities of our district. In addition, as the first district in North Rhine-Westphalia to have a national park, we have dedicated a section to the environment.

In order to ensure that our new Internet presentation is always up-to-date and can be optimally used, we will constantly work to improve and expand it. Here, we will be happy to receive your input.

I would especially like to point out the newsletter, which will regularly inform you of current subjects in the district of Euskirchen. You can easily subscribe to it with the link on the homepage.

I wish you lots of fun surfing on the pages of the district of Euskirchen.


Günter Rosenke